Custom RUBIK's CUBE (Mini or Keychain)

Get your branding onto a legit Rubik's Cube. Pretty damn cool! This one is similar to our Cusom RUBIK'S CUBE (Regular) – except much smaller at 3.4cm. It also has the option of being made into a keychain.

The cubes are produced sustainably – and uses recycled plastic.

Order Process: This being a fully custom product – once you place an order, our dedicated account managers will work with you to vet your artwork and get the cube produced.

Minimum Order: 500 (for smaller quantities, please enquire) 
Dimensions: 3.4cm (L) x 3.4cm (W) x 3.4cm (H)

Now, let's work out the best price we can offer you:

Keychain: No Keychain
How many will you buy (roughly): 500+

If you're happy with price, then please key in exact quantity:

Per item price: $8.99
Total price: $8.99
Enquire Instantly

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