Custom LEGO Figurines

Does it get cooler than this?

Fully custom LEGO figurines of your team members, clients, partners – or anyone else you want to give it to. You can customize everything: colors, features, accessories.

You can even fully customize the packaging they come in. We can also make them as keychains, or we can put them on display stands, or make them stand up on a podium with your logo on it. And yes, we can print individual names on them too. 

Pricing and Enquiry: The price stated here is an indicative price for a basic figurine with minimal customizations and logo application. To get a better sense of pricing, please use the Enquire button to get in touch with us, and we'll help you plan this order.

Lead Time: 7-8 weeks. Yep, it takes a while, but it'll be worth it! So plan ahead.

Minimum Order: 100

Now, let's work out the best price we can offer you:

Want Custom Packaging?: Yes

If you're happy with price, then please key in exact quantity:

Per item price: $32.99
Total price: $32.99
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