Base + Uncapped Commissions


Boxaroo is a rapidly growing business that is automating the global $140bn Promotional Products industry. We work with clients like Google, Spotify, Visa and so on to produce company swag and company merchandise for them. We make it easier for them to do this by removing all the friction involved in sourcing and producing their company swag. But it doesn’t end there – we also provide automated fulfilment and warehousing services to go with it, so they can store all their swag with us and ship it anywhere in the world, as and when they need, without lifting a finger. This saves them costs, time, and plenty of headaches as our existing clients will tell you. Boxaroo has offices and warehouses in Singapore and Spain, and has plans to open more globally. We prefer the long-term over the short-term. We maintain unreasonably high standards. We are customer obsessed. We want to be the world’s largest swag company, and we aren’t stopping until we get there.



In this fully remote role, you will play the role of a hunter (in Sales speak) to identify, connect, nurture and close deals with medium to large companies to automate all their swag needs with us. This means clients you sell to will use Boxaroo to create, store and fulfill all their company swag and corporate merchandise needs – regionally or globally. (For example: one client you may sell to will produce 1000 New Hire Kits with Boxaroo, which we will then store in our warehouses and ship out to their new employees as and when they join the client's company via our dashboard. The size of such a deal could be between 100-600K+. Another client may want to produce all the marketing merch they need for events throughout the year and store it with Boxaroo. We will then ship it out as and when they need it, anywhere in the world. The size of this deal could be between 100-900K+.) While some guideline and support will be provided on strategy – the role of identifying leads, then establishing a connection with decision-makers, and selling to them will be carried out by you single-handedly. So naturally, this task requires a self-starter who has worked in a similar role, knows all the tools of the trade, and can take on complete ownership from Day One. In the last 2 years, we have built a sound business model, a strong Logistics system, and a capable Supply Chain – we are ready to scale all of that, and we want a Sales Leader who can realize its potential.



  • Total earning potential in Year 1: USD 30-150K+
  • Total earning potential in Year 2: USD 250K+
  • Uncapped commissions with a potential to reach upwards of USD 30K+ every quarter.
  • Starting monthly salary: Approx. USD 2K.


  • 4+ years of selling into HR or Marketing teams with an annual quota in the seven-figure range.
  • Track record of over-achieving quotas in past positions.
  • Relentless perseverance to reach decision-makers, build trust, and identify solutions for their swag needs.
  • A growth mindset is very important. Be willing to learn and grow every day, and enjoy challenges that come your way.
  • Strong communication, analytical skills and listening skills – with a positive and energetic video-call presence.
  • You will work primarily in European CET hours.



  • Travel frequently to Singapore and Spain (only if you’d like to – since you can be remote).
  • Join us at a time when you can help shape the future of the company.
  • Unlimited Annual Leave – we are all adults, you’re in control!
  • Plenty of amazing swag.
  • Engaging activities outside of work.
  • Being part of an organization that rewards results and truly believes in promoting from within – your growth potential is uncapped.

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