Boxaroo is a one-stop shop for businesses to customize, order and distribute company swag and corporate gifts. We help them create branded merchandise and custom promotional products, which can then be distributed to their employees, customers, partners or members.

We source and curate a range of quality products across a range of price points, that are fully customisable with logos and artwork. Businesses work with us to create things like: new hire kits, company swag, event swag, client gift boxes, corporate gifts and souvenirs for their customers and partners.


We're based out of sunny Singapore with production facilities in Singapore, Malaysia and China. We currently serve clients in Asia Pacific and Europe – and other global clients who want to distribute swag in these two regions. We are also in the midst of opening new fulfillment centers in various parts of Asia Pacific and the Europe to serve our customers better.


Why we built Boxaroo

We started Boxaroo to address three challenges businesses were facing in this space:

(1) product quality
(2) price transparency
(3) the inconvenience of it all (the tediousness of finding and negotiating with traditional suppliers, the inability to live-preview or try out their designs, slow turnarounds). 


Human help for every order

Once you place an order, a Dedicated Account Manager will review it and reach out to discuss your order in more detail. They will then prepare mockups, arrange for samples (if you need them) and get your final approval before moving products to the production line. So order with confidence, and don’t worry if you need to make changes or cancel your order after placing it. For more information on the order process, see here


Distribution to remote teams, clients and partners

In 2020, with most of the world working from home, we piloted a new service to distribute orders to recipients directly. In just a few months we built a global network of logistical partners and we can now distribute swag boxes to the doorstep of your recipients. Check out our Swag Distribution service to find out more.


Automate your swag needs from end to end 

Need to send automated swag shipments? Example: Every time a new employee joins the team; or a new client comes onboard; or a new lead is activated; or a partner reaches a milestone. We make it super simple and we take care of global fulfillment. Just set some basic rules, then watch your swag shipments go out without lifting a finger. Check out our Swag Fulfillment service to find out more. 


Need to source full custom products? 

You think it, we get it made. Some of the things we've made from scratch include custom pool floaties, custom poker sets and custom bottled cocktails. Check out our Out of the Box service to find out more. 


We love swag and merchandise

Corporate gifts and company swag is by far the most effective way to delight teams and customers and drive brand marketing (need to be convinced? see these stats). It's the only piece of advertising that people actually thank you for. At Boxaroo, we want to make it easy and convenient for businesses to get all their swag and merchandising needs in one place. We take great care in putting your order together, and we treat your logo like we would our own. Your satisfaction is the number one thing we optimise for. 

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