Send home a custom care package to employees or associates that are in lockdown or quarantine during the pandemic. This premium care package comes in a custom printed box and contains the following: 


MIRA 3-in-1 Charging Cable

KOALA Eco Cutlery Set

A Pack of Tea Sticks from T-GO

Hand Sanitizer

Antibacterial Wipes

A Deck of Playing Cards

If you want to custom build a care package at the same price, please get in touch and we will help you build one. If you want something cheaper, try our STAY HOME Basic Care Package.

Now, let's work out the best price we can offer you:

How many will you buy (roughly): 100+

Happy with the price? Please key in exact quantity:

For products with sizes, you can specify the size breakdown under Order Notes when you checkout.
Per item price: $38.23
Total price: $38.23
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