Boxaroo Internship Program

Boxaroo is a one-stop shop for creating, producing, fulfilling and distributing company swag and corporate merchandise.

We are re-thinking this $140bn industry, and building all the automation and services needed to make the process of ordering branded merchandise a seamless experience for businesses. To date, we have produced merchandise for clients like Google, Amazon, Salesforce, 500 Startups, Nas Academy, Adyen, Foodpanda, Spotify, Stripe and many more – and we are just at the start of our journey.


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We are looking for a generalist intern. She or he will get to dip their feet in various aspects of our business. We don’t expect you to have any specific prior experience. All we ask is that you’re willing to learn, you’re committed, and you’re driven.

This is a paid full-time internship. We are located near Club Street in Singapore.


Some of the things you might do:

  • Sales: prospect for leads
  • Account management: help clients with orders and production
  • Marketing: guerrilla marketing, social media marketing and content marketing
  • Generate swag ideas for clients
  • Research suppliers and manufacturers globally


Some of the things you might learn:

  • How a B2B startup works
  • How technology is helping an old-world industry evolve
  • Bootstrapping, building, iterating and keeping it lean
  • How the corporate merchandising industry works
  • The effectiveness of swag in marketing and brand building
  • Supply and logistics
  • Product manufacturing and distribution
  • Product customization methods and processes



  • Work from a space where you can meet people who are building cool things
  • Network within Singapore's startup ecosystem
  • Startup environment – casual, nimble, always building
  • Paid internship: $500 – $700 per month