Need to ship out corporate merchandise to overseas team members, clients and partners globally? We got you covered. Read on.

We don't just produce the best swag and corporate gifts. We help you store and distribute them too. Swag Distribution takes the hassle out of individually posting swag and corporate gifts to regional teams, remote teams and overseas clients, partner and customers. Direct Distribution of Swag and Corporate Gifts

If you're sending swag, our rates are better.

Ship and Distribute Swag and Merchandise and Corporate Gifts Globally

FAQs on Swag Distribution

We offer distribution services to companies that want to send out swag, merchandise and corporate gifts directly to recipients anywhere in the world. So if you have remote teams, overseas partners or out-of-town customers, and you’d like to send products or kits to them, we're here to help.

Please note: the preferential rates shown on this page are only applicable to packages sent to individual recipients directly, and is of the weight stated above. These rates also do not include customs, duties and other charges – which will depend on what you're shipping, and on the destination country's import laws.

For the terms governing this service, please see our Swag Distribution & Fulfillment Policy.

Boxaroo is closely partnered up with major distribution networks and fulfillment centers around the world. Due to our large volume of shipments via sea and air every year, we are able to negotiate and provide very affordable swag shipping rates.

The shipping charge you see on this page is an indicator, and your actual shipping charge depends on total package weight. The other charge you might have to bear is if the destination country charges customs and duties. If that happens, they will bill us and we will bill you accordingly. See our Swag Distribution & Fulfillment Policy for more information.

It depends on what you send. All swag shipments will be classified as gifts if it's going to an individual recipient. Most countries have gift allowances. These allowances vary from country to country. If your swag shipment is above this allowance, then the destination country will charge customs and duties. If that happens, they will bill us and we will bill you accordingly.

See our shipping policy for more information. You can also reach out to us if you have more questions. Our swag consultants know all there is to know about swag shipping and they'd be happy to help you.

You can provide them in a spreadsheet, or any other easily retrievable digital format. Please note that we cannot ship to PO Boxes. They will have to be physical addresses. Please note that we will also need the phone numbers of the recipients.

If you need help collecting addresses and phone numbers (and maybe even sizing information for apparel products) please see the next question.

Yes, we can manage this for you if required. Please see our Swag Fulfillment page and reach out to us with your enquiry. We save you all the hassle of fulfillment and manage it end-to-end. If you have apparel products in your order, we can even collect sizing information from the recipients.

We do not share or use the personal information of your recipients in any way whatsoever. We have extremely strict Information and Data Security policies to ensure that all data is safeguarded and secured on our systems. If you have concerns, please enquire with us and we will brief you on all our internal data policies. If you need written assurance of this, we are happy to give this to you in writing, or sign an agreement that states the same. We take privacy very seriously.

Shipping rates depend on location. See the table at the top of this page for the different zones and the corresponding rates.

We will not be able to ship electronic items. However, if you need to include electronics, speak to us, and we can arrange to have your package produced and shipped from our local network in any given market.

Other than electronics, some countries have (or might periodically place) specific restrictions on what can be shipped. We will inform you of these restrictions, if any, once we understand where you are shipping the products.

Yes of course. If you want us to store your swag, we can do that too – and it doesn't matter if that swag was made by us or other providers. See our Swag Fulfillment page and reach out for more information.

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