Clients store swag with us for two main reasons. One: they want to produce larger quantities so they have it ready and on-demand whenever they need it (and it's cheaper to produce larger quantities). Two: they simply do not have enough space in the office – especially with a remote and distributed workforce.

Whatever your reason, we can store your swag safely and securely. If you want fulfilment services, we can do that too: check out our Swag Distribution service.Store Swag and Corporate Merchandise with Boxaroo

Our storage rates are straight-forward.Boxaroo Swag and Merchandise Storage Rates

FAQs on Storage

It's very straight-forward. We have standard storage rates, as you can see on this page. The billing is monthly and the duration is flexible.

Billing is monthly, so the minimum duration is 1 month at least. As for space, yes, the minimum space you need to pay for is 1 cubic meter – which is about the size of 4 standard packing boxes.

Storage space is calculated in increments of 1 cubic meter. If it's just a tiny teeny bit more, we can work something out for you :) But if it comes up to one additional box, then we will have to bill you for two cubic meters.

Yes, we can. See our Swag Distribution service.

Yes, we can. For example, let's say you have a New Hire Kit made and stored with us. Every time a new employee joins your team, we set up a trigger to send the kit out to them. You can do the same for clients, partners, members, etc. We integrate into a variety of platforms to be able to do this. To find out more, contact us with your requirements.

Everything except perishable items. If you have perishable items, we have partners we can recommend who can help you out.

All costs associated with pickup, delivery, shipping and distribution will be borne by you. We will advise you on the best rates possible. If you choose to organize your own pickup and delivery, we can accommodate that too. We try to be as flexible as possible so that you have a great experience working with us.

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