T-GO Tea Sticks

A selection of gourmet teas, and a new way to consume them. T-GO comes in the form of tea-sticks-in-a-teabag. Simply take a cup of hot water, put your tea stick in, and stir. 

Below is a wide selection of gourmet flavours we carry (but please note that when you order in bulk, the selection will be randomized): 

Apple Black, Ceylon Black, Earl Grey Decaf, Peach Black, Rooibos, Strawberry Black, Chamomile, Green, Mint, Jasmine, TGO Energy, TGO Sleep, TGO Digest, TGO Refresh. 

Minimum Order: 50

Now, let's work out the best price we can offer you:

How many will you buy (roughly): 50+

If you're happy with price, then please key in exact quantity:

Per item price: $10.99
Total price: $10.99
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