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We know exactly what your events team is going though: flying across countries and continents, going to trade shows, exhibiting at conferences, organizing customer events and so on. Ensuring your branded merch is present in sufficient numbers at all these events should be the least of their worries. That's where we come in. Our platform allows your team to move merch around to any part of the world without hassle. Trust us, this is a game changer!

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Yes, we can ship all over the world.

Some of your overseas shipments (outside of our Fulfillment Center locations) may incur Customs Duties and Taxes. Now, we've done this long enough to know how to handle these and take the headache away from you or your employees.

That's the short answer. Let's set up a call so we can dig deeper into any other questions you have on this topic.

We like to keep things simple and flexible at Boxaroo. We're not big fans of subscription models. Neither are we fans of hidden costs. Let's set up a call and we'll walk you through just how simple this whole process can be with us.

Yes, of course. If you want to place a single order and ship it to one or multiple locations, we can help with that too. Just enquire!