Tis' the season! Delight your teams, customers, clients and partners with some yuletide goodness. Build a swag box to show your love. You can of course build a completely custom swag box with us. But if you prefer not to do the curation, go with our standard option here. (We also carry a separate Holiday Swag Box.)

To have it "ready" before December 20th, please place orders before November 10th. To have it "delivered directly to recipients" before December 20th, please place orders before November 2nd.

Pick 3 non-branded items:
Christmas Hat
Christmas Stocking
Christmas Socks
Tree Decorations
Christmas Beanie
Christmas Mug
Christmas Party Favors

Pick 2 branded items:
Pick two items from our store (each below $10)
These products will have your branding on them

Optional add-on we can help with:
Custom Cocktails
Candies & Chocolates
Premium swag like custom leather goods
Anything else you like (minimum quantity will apply)

The standard option includes a TOP-PRINTED CUSTOM BOX and packing material to go with it.

Now, let's work out the best price we can offer you:

How many will you buy (roughly): 100+

If you're happy with price, then please key in exact quantity:

Per item price: $70
Total price: $70
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