COZY Full Custom Knitted Socks

A pair of socks is the ultimate company swag. That's because the first thing everyone wants to do with custom socks is post it up on their social media. The stickiness factor is unbeatable; and that's what you want with company swag, right! Our custom socks are made of top-quality Cotton Spandex, and they're super comfortable to wear around outdoors or indoors.

Artwork: Being a full custom product, the artwork will need to designed based on a sock template. Our dedicated account manager will guide you on how to create and submit your artwork when you're ready. To begin, you can either place your order directly OR tap on Enquire so the team can help you.

Minimum Order: 100 pairs
Material: Cotton Spandex
Sock Length: Customizable 

Now, let's work out the best price we can offer you:

Packaging Options: With Wrapper
How many will you buy (roughly): 100+

If you're happy with price, then please key in exact quantity:

Per item price: $15
Total price: $15
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