Boxaroo can now distribute your swag and corporate gifts too

One of the biggest requests from our large clients during the lockdown in 2020 was how they could get care packages out to their teams.

As the lockdown continued, and businesses were getting used to the remote working culture, other clients called in asking how they could send corporate gifts and other merchandise out to their customers and partners (which is usually a large and effective component of most good B2B strategies).

With all these requests coming in, we piloted our Direct Distribution service, and tested it with a few customers. Basically, you order a bunch of customised company swag, and we will both produce and distribute it out to your recipients directly.

When we first tested it, the feedback from clients was that they loved the service, but not the rates. Commercial shipping can be expensive. So to make it digestible, we spent the last few weeks building partnerships and negotiating with logistics networks across the world to bring down costs and make it easier for clients to distribute their company swag and corporate gifts with us. It wasn't easy, but we got it done. 

Ship out swag and corporate gifts to remote and overseas recipients

So if you want to ship out swag, merchandise and corporate gifts out to your clients, partners and remote employees, we got you covered. Check out our Direct Distribution service. 

Psst... Want to Automate Your Swag and Merch in One Place?

Imagine if you could Design, Create, Order, Store and Ship your Custom Swag and Merchandise globally from one dashboard. Easy peasy! Meet our Store & Ship Platform: whether you are managing swag for employees, events, marketing or sales engagement – we can help with all of it. We make it easy, we have global warehouses and we're bloody good at it.