The Best Corporate Gifting Platforms of 2023 – New and Updated

In the ever-evolving landscape of business relationships, corporate gifting has surged in popularity, and it's not just about sending the occasional holiday basket anymore. According to a recent survey conducted by Coresight Research, the frequency of corporate gifting is on the rise, driven by a multitude of factors. The transition to remote and hybrid work setups, a consistent need for employee and stakeholder recognition, and a heightened focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are among the driving forces behind this trend. What does this mean for the market? Brace yourselves for a projection that'll make your business radar beep with excitement: the corporate gifting market is slated to grow from $258 billion in 2022 to a whopping $312 billion in 2025, boasting a stellar 6.5% compound annual growth rate over the next three years!

Best Corporate Gifting Platforms of 2023

In this era where relationship management is crowned as a business kingpin, companies need strategic firepower to navigate these shifting tides, both locally and globally. Enter the corporate gifting platforms, the unsung heroes of relationship building in the digital age. These platforms don't just send gifts; they forge connections and make it look like a piece of cake.

Picture this: nurturing loyal clients and employees, positioning your company as the top choice for prospects, creating a culture of rewards for partners and employees, strengthening commercial ties with fellow businesses, and crafting seamless lead-conversion processes that focus on interactions rather than just sales pitches. It's all within reach when you harness the power of corporate gifting.

The Ultimate List of Corporate Gifting Platform - Updated 2023 Version

So, how do you pick the right platform to elevate your gifting game? Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the top ten corporate gifting platforms that have mastered the art of making gifting a breeze. Let's get started!

Corporate Gifting Platforms: Unveiling the Heroes

Let's begin with the basics. Corporate gifting can be a labyrinth of planning, budgeting, and logistics. It's like a jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces. That's where a corporate gifting platform swoops in to save the day. These platforms offer an easy-to-navigate interface to manage your gifting programs. You can handpick, personalize, and send gifts using their slick online systems, and they'll handle the rest. Here's what you can expect from these superhero platforms:

  • A Treasure Trove of Gift Options: Think gourmet food, fine wines, gadgets, chic clothing, and personalized goodies galore. These platforms offer a smorgasbord of choices and even throw in expert recommendations to match the occasion, recipient's tastes, or your budget.

  • Personalization Galore: Add your brand's personal touch with custom messages, branding, or snazzy packaging. It's your chance to convey your brand's essence and cement those relationships.

  • Budget Guardians: Ever worried about overspending? Fear not! These platforms come armed with tools to help you set budgets, track expenses, and allocate funds like a pro.

  • Logistics Wizards: Ensuring timely delivery can be a logistical nightmare. These platforms offer tracking, notifications, address verification, and delivery options to make sure your gifts land on time, every time.

  • Analytics Alchemists: Measure the impact of your gifting endeavors with reporting and analytics features. Uncover areas for improvement and fine-tune your gifting strategy for maximum results.

Top 10 Corporate Gift Platform 2023

Now, drumroll, please! Introducing our star-studded lineup of top corporate gifting platforms for 2023:

1. Boxaroo: Best Value, No Service Fee, Best Shipping Rates and Customer Service

The best part about Boxaroo is that it is not just a platform. They are one of the very rare providers that does their own production and run their own warehouses globally. This means complete quality control, a wide selection of high-quality customizable products at amazing prices, and the most-sought-after element: unbeatable shipping prices. Boxaroo boasts a team with over two decades of international gifting prowess. They offer a truly global gifting service, spanning over 200 countries. With a gift catalog that has something for everyone. Plus, their automated gifting tools let recipients pick their gifts from themed collections. And if you're stuck without delivery details, they've got you covered with their address collection feature. They also automate solutions for all your needs: whether it is swag for employees, event merch than needs to be moved globally, or even lead engagement gifts.

2. An online-friendly eCommerce Platform

Gift Baskets Overseas specializes in high-quality global gift delivery for both businesses and individuals. With a presence in every region they serve, they're renowned for their online ordering convenience, multilingual customer service, and secure payment options. If you're into gourmet treats and snacks, this is your go-to gifting platform.

3. SwagUp: Best for Custom Swag and Boxes

SwagUp takes the crown as an all-encompassing corporate gifting platform that offers high-quality branded items for every need. They're all about end-to-end swag supply, making the corporate gifting process smoother than a silk tie. Custom branding and a dizzying array of options make SwagUp a top pick for those looking to make an impact.

4. Tinggly: Great Collection of Experiential Gifts

For those who prefer to gift experiences over tangible items, Tinggly is your savior. From thrilling bungee jumps to serene spa getaways, Tinggly curates and delivers unforgettable experiences that will leave your recipients in awe.

5. Loop & Tie: Best in Sustainability

Loop and Tie lets recipients choose their gifts from curated collections, ensuring they get something they truly love. If sustainability is your game, Loop & Tie shines with its commitment to earth-friendly initiatives, making each gift a win for your clients and the environment.

6. Reachdesk: Best for Salespeople

Looking to boost your sales and marketing game? Reachdesk has your back. With personalized gifting and direct mail campaigns, they help businesses engage with prospects and customers, creating unique and memorable connections.

7. Snappy: Good Collection of Personal Experiences

Snappy is all about elevating employee engagement and customer satisfaction through personalized gifting. Send eGift cards, physical goodies, or virtual experiences, all customized to delight your recipients.

8. Alyce: Cool Designs

Alyce takes personalization to the next level with machine learning. They analyze recipient data, including social media activity, to tailor gifts that align with their interests. It's like having a personal gift concierge for every recipient.

9. Sendoso: Best Platform for US Warehousing

Sendoso makes engaging with customers and prospects a breeze by sending personalized gifts, handwritten notes, and more. Their tools and features streamline your gifting needs within the US market.

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