The Power of Brand Merch and Company Swag

What can having custom merch and promo products do for your brand? 

We were going to write 3000 words answering that question, but (TLDR) we thought a GIF-ticle might be better. The data is from PPAI Research and other sources. Here we go.


8 in 10 people own and use promo products or company swag

91% have at least one promo product in their kitchens; 74% in workspaces; 55% in bedrooms

65% said they pass down promo products they don’t use instead of trashing them (in a continuous cycle of free marketing)


93% of employees said company swag makes them feel connected to their brand and teammates

72% of companies said branded swag has helped them boost company culture


79% of consumers who see or receive promo products research the company after

89% of consumers can remember the brand if their promo products were unique and useful


85% of professionals said they recalled a B2B business because of their promo products

Promo products prompted 5x more referrals from satisfied B2B customers (making it the most effective brand recall tool)

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