We partner with businesses to delight their employees, clients and partners with corporate gifts and company merch.

Company swag is by far the most effective way to delight teams and clients – and drive brand marketing. It is the only kind of advertising that people thank you for. There is statistically no better way to welcome a new employee; no better way to thank a client; no better way for a brand to be remembered and recalled by its would-be customers.

At Boxaroo, we want to make it easy and convenient for businesses to manage all their company swag, custom merch and corporate gifts. We want to be your one-stop merch partner. With fulfillment centers in Asia and Europe, and a wide network of logistics globally, we do just that. We can support you with one-time orders – or we can automate everything end-to-end with our Store & Ship solution.

We take great care in creating and delivering your merch, and we treat your brand like we would our own. Your satisfaction is the number one thing we optimise for. We aim to delight you, by delighting the people you're sending your swag out to!

We are the preferred merch solution for great companies.

Global Fulfillment Centers

Which means cheaper shipping

End-to-end Fulfillment

Production, automation, delivery

Delight Your Recipients

Stand out from the crowd

Boost Your Branding

Advertising people thank you for