Store + Ship Platform

One dashboard for all your custom swag, company merch and corporate gifts. Produced by us, stored across our global warehouses, and shipped as needed or automatically. It can be used individually by HR, Marketing, Sales – or all of them together.

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Store & Ship comes with a swag fulfillment dashboard for your internal teams...

...and a way for external recipients to redeem swag boxes.

Like: Employee Onboarding Packs, Welcome Kits, Client Appreciation Box, Customer Swag Box.

Or even a fully-managed custom shop or portal with your branding.

You can give access to internal or external parties, accept payments, or allow free redemptions.

Basically – you can store and ship your company swag and merch anywhere, anytime.

Preferred merch supplier for global companies.

Enquire instantly. We respond in 24 hours or less.

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Global Fulfillment Centers

Which means cheaper shipping

End-to-end Fulfillment

Production, automation, delivery

For Efficient Teams

Merch made easy

Boost Your Branding

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Yes we can! We offer end-to-end fulfillment. We produce them, store them in one of our Fulfillment Centers (the one closest to your busiest market). We then ship it out as and when you want it.

Once we get you set up, you basically wouldn't need to lift a finger. Our systems are like clockwork, and we've got a superb logistics team you can rely on!

Yes, of course. If you want to place a single order and ship it to one or multiple locations, we can help with that too. Just enquire!

Yes, we ship all over the world.

If it is swag you're shipping, we guarantee the best shipping rates. Boxaroo is partnered very closely with major logistics networks globally, with whom we ship large volumes of swag every week.

What are the rates exactly? This depends on a lot of factors, and we can only advice you once we understand your volume and the geographic spread of your distribution.

It is worth noting: Boxaroo has more than one Fulfillment Center (and we're building more). We have one in Asia (in Singapore) and one in Europe (in Spain). This means you get local shipping costs to Singapore, and local shipping costs to any EU member country. This also allows us to understand your shipping distribution and select or combine our resources to make shipping cost-effective for you wherever else you have employees stationed and ship your kits to.

We ship 1000s of swag boxes every week. You can take comfort in the fact that you're dealing with an experienced team who know how to make it as efficient, as cost-effective, and as straight-forward as possible.

Some of your overseas shipments (outside of our Fulfillment Center locations) may incur Customs Duties and Taxes. Now, we've done this long enough to know how to handle these and take the headache away from you or your employees.

That's the short answer. Let's set up a call so we can dig deeper into any other questions you have on this topic.

We like to keep things simple and flexible at Boxaroo. We're not big fans of subscription models. Neither are we fans of hidden costs. Let's set up a call and we'll walk you through just how simple this whole process can be with us.