Employee Welcome Packs – Automated.

One platform to produce, store and ship your employee welcome packs and onboarding kits anywhere in Europe or Worldwide. Boost your employer branding without lifting a finger.

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An amazing employee onboarding experience – globally.

Welcome Boxes are shipped to their doorstep.

There is statistically no better way to welcome a new employee, and there's no better partner than Boxaroo. We have a fulfillment center in Europe from where we help companies in Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and across the continent automate their onboarding kits with ease. For those with employees globally, or in remote areas, we provide global shipment at the most cost-effective rates via our fulfillment centers and logistics networks in other parts of the world.

The number one Welcome Pack supplier across Europe and the World.


Yes we can! We offer end-to-end fulfillment of Employee Welcome Packs. We produce them, store them in one of our Fulfillment Centers (the one closest to your busiest markets). We then ship it out whenever new employees join your organization.

Once we get you set up, you basically wouldn't need to lift a finger. Our systems are like clockwork, and we've got a superb logistics team that you can rely on!

Yes, we ship all over the world. We have fulfillment centers in Europe and Asia. And – because we ship large volumes every day, we are able to provide you the best rates for global, regional and local shipping.

If it is swag you're shipping, we guarantee the best shipping rates.

What are the rates exactly? This depends on a lot of factors, and we can only advice you once we understand your volume and the geographic spread of your shipments.

It is worth noting: Boxaroo has more than one Fulfillment Center (and we're building more). We have one in Asia (in Singapore) and one in Europe (in Spain). This means you get local shipping costs to Singapore, and local shipping costs to any EU member country. This also allows us to understand your shipping distribution and select or combine our resources to make shipping cost-effective for you wherever you have employees stationed.

Some of your overseas shipments (outside of our Fulfillment Center locations) may incur Import Duties and Taxes. Now, we've done this long enough to know how to handle these and take the headache away from you or your new employees.

That's the short answer. Let's set up a call so we can dig deeper into any other questions you have on this topic.

Very reliable, if we may say so ourselves! We ship 1000s of merch kits to new employees every week. You can take comfort in the fact that you're dealing with an experienced team who know how to make your shipments as efficient, as cost-effective, and as straight-forward as possible.

We like to keep things simple and flexible at Boxaroo. Just like you, we don't like subscription fees and hidden costs. So we made it simple. Let's set up a call and we'll walk you through just how simple this whole process can be with us.

Global Fulfillment Centers

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End-to-end Fulfillment

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