Product Catalog and Custom Products

Generally 100 units per product per design.

We deal with high-quality products only, and our printing methods are of the highest quality too. In order to bring that to market at competitive prices, we need to maintain MOQs of 100 units per product.

We could produce quantities between 50-100 units but that would include a surcharge.

Only if you order 5000+ units.

We have a service called Out of the Box. This service allows you to create any custom product you want. But we do not consider anything below 5000 units.

If you are enquiring about this for anything below 500 units, we would sadly have to suggest that you save your time – the answer will be a NO :(

Unfortunately not. We do not print on products we don't provide.

One-time Bulk Orders

One-time Bulk Order means just that – you place one order: we make the goods, we ship it out wherever you want it to go in the world – and done.

The standard timeline for production is 14-18 Business Days. Production only begins once mockups are approved, and payment is made.

Shipping then takes anywhere between 1-7 days depending on where you order is going to.

Now, we don't make promises, but in many cases we are able to finish production quicker than 14-18 business days. If we do, we'd be happy to ship the goods out quicker.

We have a small number of products that we can make in 7 Business Days. These products have an "express" tag on them. You can see them here.

Yes, we can. Please enquire.

Yes, we can. Please enquire.

Yes, we can. Please enquire.

Yes, we can. Please enquire.

Yes, we can. Please enquire.

Store & Ship Platform

It's a very simple and easy-to-use fulfillment service and platform – for clients who want to produce swag and merchandise in bulk, store it with us, and then deploy it for different needs.

Some clients use Store & Ship to ensure their new employees receive a box of swag automatically when they join the team. Some use it to store their event merch, and ship it anywhere in the world to their events. Some use it to easily send gifts to their sales leads in order to engage them. Some even use it to reward candidates who apply for a job and pass different stages of interviews. There are so many more ways in which this service and platform can be used.

Yes, we can. And we make sure it gets to your event on time, every time. Please enquire.

Yes, we can. And we're very good at it. Please enquire.

Yes, we can. And we make sure the experience gets you to close your deal. Please enquire.

Yes, we can. You name it. Please enquire.

Yes, of course. We manage swanky swag stores for a lot of brands. Please enquire.

The service itself is pretty much FREE. We like to keep things simple and flexible at Boxaroo. We're not big fans of subscription models. Neither are we fans of hidden costs. Let's set up a call and we'll walk you through just how simple this whole process can be with us.

Enquire instantly. We respond in 24 hours or less.

Drop us a note below. You can also whatsapp us or email us or book a demo.