Orders, Mockups and Samples

Yes, of course. Once you place your order, you will be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager. She or he will get in touch with you via the email you provided. They will share mockups to make sure everything is satisfactory. If you're happy at that point, we will proceed to production. You can read more about the order process here: What happens once I place an order?

Printed samples of (most) products can be arranged. Producing a single sample is not cheap, but we understand that it may be important for some of you. We charge anywhere between $60-$200 for production of samples for most of our products.

Yes you can. Up until the point that the order goes into production, you can cancel it. But once it goes into production, you won’t be able to cancel it. The way we work: once an order is placed, a Dedicated Account Manager will reach out to you to confirm the design and final artwork mockup of your order. Only after you approve mockups, we will go into production. Order with confidence!

Yes, of course. After you place an order, a Dedicated Account Manager will be in touch with you about the design and artwork of your order. We will go into production only after you've confirmed the final mockup over email.

Shipping and Returns

It depends. But as a general rule, FROM THE DAY the final mockup is approved, it will take 14-18 Business Days for completion of production. We will discuss shipping options and timelines with you before finalising your order. Once you place an order, a Dedicated Account Manager will reach out via email to discuss designs, artwork, shipping timelines and everything else you will need to know.

Unfortunately not. Production quality is important to us, and so is the well-being of our production teams (precision printing is almost an art, and we do not want them working in an environment with unsustainable production timelines). To maintain high standards in both these areas, we have implemented a policy where we do not accept rush orders. One alternative if you want something urgently is order good-quality swag without printing or customization. This will also work out cheaper.

Yes, we do! We have Fulfillment Centers in Singapore and Barcelona, and from here we can ship all over the world. Shipping costs and taxes will apply separately. Please contacts us with your requirements. We also offer Swag Fulfillment, which means we can ship items to your recipients directly. This could save you a lot of time and hassle and could be very helpful if you’re sending items to remote teams or overseas clients, customers and partners.

Yes, we call this Swag Fulfillment and we do offer this service.

Artwork and Design

For production, we will need vectorized AI (Adobe Illustrator) files. Please note that the file needs to be vectorized – this means you cannot use an online converter to convert a PNG or JPG to an AI file. Please speak to your design or branding team to get this file if you don't already have it, or reach out to a designer who can help you.

Please contact us with your requirements. We can connect you to freelance designers based on your needs.

Matching Pantone colours can only be done on very few products and printing methods. We only commit to matching colours as close as possible to your Pantone codes. Never a guarantee. Please see our Terms of Service and the Disclaimers on our mockups. We require at least a +/- 5% tolerance level. If that's acceptable, and if you know the right Pantone colours, you may specify it when a Dedicated Account Manager reaches out to you after you place your order.

Printing and Decoration Methods

As a company, every single person at Boxaroo is obsessed with quality. Everyone here hold each other to high standards, and we will not settle for shoddy and poor quality. We treat every customer's logo and artwork like it was our own. The quality of our printing, much like our products, has to meet high standards. We aim to make every pixel perfect. We always ensure that every item within every order is checked thoroughly. If you are unhappy with the quality of the printing on your products, please contact us and we will do everything we reasonably can to set things right.

Printing on most products and apparel goes by the number of colours. In simple terms, single colour printing only requires a single colour block and a single application of the print onto the product surface. Once you have two or more colours, the process begins to get more complicated and expensive, and each print requires a lot more time to create. So if you want to save costs, our recommendation would be to go for a single colour printing.

Preset Boxes and Custom Boxes

Preset Boxes will come in eco-friendly TOP-PRINTED Custom Boxes that you can design (available in Brown Kraft, White or Black). Your desired artwork or logo can be printed on the top (your Dedicated Account Manager will reach out to you and work with you to get this going). We employ a UV printing method for these boxes, which makes the colour pop.

If you want Full Custom Boxes (and if you meet the minimum order) then let us know and we can make that happen.

For FULL CUSTOM BOXES, the minimum order is 1000 pieces. This is because the resources required to custom print boxes is expensive, and cannot be run on a production run of less than 100 pieces. As with every other product on Boxaroo, the more you order the cheaper it is. If you want less than 1000 boxes, we can only offer Brown Kraft, White or Black boxes.

We will provide you with the design specs once the order is confirmed.

We don't, but we can connect you to freelance designers we know based on your needs. Contact us for more information.

Yes, all boxes are safe for postage. These are the same boxes that are used as mailer boxes by courier and logistics companies.

If you order Preset Boxes – or if you order a few other items from us with a CUSTOM BOX – we will pack them in the box, by default. We are here to make your life easier. But if you would like to have them as is, for whatever reason, please let us know. We can do that too.

Yes, we offer direct door-to-door distribution of boxes to your intended recipients. See Swag Fulfillment.

Swag Fulfillment

It's best to have a call with our teams to understand the potential and possibilities. But in simple terms, we can produce your swag, then distribute it around the world. If you don't want to distribute it right away, then we can store it and distribute it as and when you need. We have proprietary systems that can automate the whole process, making your job so much easier.

Head over to the Swag Fulfillment page to find out more and contact us about this service.

Don't you worry. We've made this process very simple. Please contact us to discuss more.

Just note that the addresses will need to be physical addresses as we cannot ship to PO Boxes. Also note that you will be required to share the emails and phone numbers of the recipients.

Oh, and if you need help collecting addresses and phone numbers (and maybe even sizing information for apparel products) from multiple people, please let us know – we've got solutions for that too.

Yes, we have systems to help with this. We can save you all the hassle of fulfillment and manage it end-to-end. If you have apparel products in your order, we can even collect sizing information from the recipients.

We do not share or use the personal information of your recipients in any way whatsoever. We have extremely strict Information and Data Security policies to ensure that all data is safeguarded and secured on our systems. If you have concerns, please enquire with us and we will brief you on all our internal data policies. If you need written assurance of this, we are happy to give this to you in writing, or sign an agreement that states the same. We take privacy very seriously.

As for the rates, the only guarantee that we can make is that the total charge (excluding customs duties and taxes) will be about 40-50% cheaper than those rates published on commercial international shipping services like UPS, Fedex, DHL or the postal service.

If you want to estimate charges, here's what you can do:

Go to the portals of global logistics carriers like UPS, FedEx or DHL. Key in your FROM ADDRESS and your TO ADDRESS. Specify your shipment SIZE as 35cm x 25cm x 12cm (standard Boxaroo swag box). Specify your WEIGHT as 4kg. Click CALCULATE.

Now, whatever rate you see, Boxaroo can guarantee 40-50% cheaper rates than that. How much exactly? We won't know until the shipment is completed. Why? Because there are factors like shipment weight, volumetric weight, destination country, remote area surcharge in destination country, customs duties and taxes imposed by destination country and so on.

Also, keep in mind: depending on what you are shipping, the destination country might impose Customs Duties and Taxes. Any and all fees relating to these duties will be billed to you on top of the freight rate.

At the end of the day, you will still get cheaper rates with us, compared to shipping swag boxes on your own or directly through any of the above services, and even your local postal service.

We will not be able to ship food or electronic items.

Other than food and electronics, some countries have (or might periodically place) specific restrictions on what can be shipped. This is completely out of our control.

Storage and Warehousing

Yes we can. A lot of clients prefer doing this, as ordering a large volume works out to be a lot cheaper. We have facilities where we can store and deliver items to you as needed. And it doesn't matter if that swag was made by us or other providers. See our Swag Fulfillment page and reach out for more information.

Yes, see our Swag Fulfillment page and reach out for more information.

Yes we can. So for example, let's say you have a New Hire Kit made and stored with us. Every time a new employee joins your team, our platform can set up a trigger to send the kit out to them. You can do the same for clients, partners, members, etc. See our Swag Fulfillment page and reach out for more information.


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