FLIP Custom Sneakers

What's cooler than custom sneakers eh! The ultimate company swag that you can get. Our custom sneakers are entirely handmade in Europe, so it's the real deal. We offer three models. This one is called FLIP, and it stands right in between casual and sporty. The other two are: SKIP which is sporty; and DRIP which is casual.

Yes, the whole shoe can be customized: colors and all. Now, the first thing you're probably thinking about is sizing. Not to worry, we'll help make that easy for you. The second thing you're wondering about is design. Again, easy: we will take a look at your logo, color and branding guidelines, and we will propose the best possible designs. Just get in touch.

Minimum Order: 100

Now, let's work out the best price we can offer you:

Print Type: Side Logo

Happy with the price? Please key in exact quantity:

For products with sizes, you can specify the size breakdown under Order Notes when you checkout.
Per item price: €115,99
Total price: €11.599

Once you do, our Sales team will reach out.
Or Enquire Instantly.

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