Laptop Stickers

In the context of work, a laptop isn't just a piece of hardware. It's an extension of its user and much more. Most people love logo stickers. If they don't stick it on laptops, they might stick it on something else. It's easy marketing for your brand!

We also offer Sticker Sheets – if you want to add a few sticker designs in one sheet.

QUALITY: Our laptop stickers are printed on high-quality and premium vinyl. The thickness comes in at 10mil (which is 0.25mm – the ultimate thickness for laptop stickers – it's rare to find such proper-size laptop stickers in the sticker market because they require special machines). They're also durable and are easy to stick on and peel off. We've even put them to the test – out in the sun, in a dishwasher and even submerged in water. 

SHAPES: we can make them die-cut (to the shape of your logo) or we can make them in circles, squares or any other pre-defined shape.

Minimum order: 100

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